Lit circle assignment one

This Quote is from the very first sentence of the novel. “Mr.Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked all the hen-houses for the night, but was too drunk to shut the pop-holes”. This quote shows that the setting of the novel is on a farm. Farm lands are very spread out so the farmer likely has less social connections. It also shows that the protagonist (the farmer) drinks more than he should. Perhaps his life is not going as well as he would like it to so he resorts to drinking. People that drink that much when they are alone often have are in a bad mood or have issues in their lives. 

At the start of the novel the Narrator is describing how all the animals are all meeting within the barn in the farm. When suddenly there is a massive twist in the novel when this passage is said by a pig called major. “Comrades, you have heard already about the strange dream that i had last night. But I will come to the dream later. I have something else to say first. I do not think, that i will be with you for many months longer, and before i die i feel it is my duty to pass on to you such wisdom i have acquired”. This speech said by Major the pig is important because it shows that the animals are able to communicate with each other. He describes how he had a dream last night. This shows that the animals have human features and are able to dream. It also shows that the Pig is the leader of the group as he expresses how he will have to pass on his knowledge.

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lit 2

1.“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This Quote shows the protagonist (Napoleon the pig) feels about himself. He is very stuck up in the way he meets his needs before others. He often enslaves others and uses them to get his work done. He has put forth new plans that increase labour of the animals. When he eats the most food and tells the animals that he needs more food so he can think better and take care of them. This Quote shows how harsh of a leader napoleon is and how he thinks of himself as better.

“The only good human being is a dead one.”

This Quote shows the harshness of the protagonist (Napoleon the pig). It shows how harsh of a leader he is and what he is willing to do to obtain full power. He uses the quote to convince the animals of the farm that humans are the enemy. By using the humans as an enemy he is able to motivate the animals to work towards killing them. 



This license plate applies to Napoleon from animal farm. Most of the Animals on the farm are unable to read and would not be able to understand the license plate. Therefor they would stay in the dark and continue to think that Napoleon is a great leader. Even though the license plate clearly says “Traitor pig”. This plate describes in a short phrase how most of the book the animals are in the dark and how obvious it is that he is a traitor.

Dear Santa,

I have felt I have been very good in the past year. I have remained faithful to my loving husband. I moved to Cypress to keep him company. Keeping him happy has always been my priority. Recently our entire marriage has been in jeopardy. This had happened all because of the misplacement of one item. That is why all i want for Christmas is the scarf that Othello gave me. If you could give me this item I will once again remain faithful to my husband for another year.

Dear Desdemona,

You have been a very good girl this year. I will certainly be giving you many lovely presents this christmas. Sadly I will not be able to replace your scarf that Othello gave you. The scarf signifies the love that you and Othello share. I am not allowed to replace or create love between two individuals. The lost scarf will have to been found by you. It is entirely up to you to convince your husband that you have been faithful to him. It is the season of miracles and I am sure your husband will realize you are faithful. You need to convince him before it is too late. Once again thank you for being a good girl this year. I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

Love Santa

Are Electric Cars Bad For The Environment?

With the growing need for energy new sources and methods have been explored. The electric car is thought of by many as a cleaner car. When one looks into the topic many red flags seem to pop up. For example the energy that is used to charge the electric car is primarily created by fossil fuels. The large batteries take massive amounts of energy to create and produce large amounts of toxic materials when destroyed. With the technology we have right now electric vehicles are just as bad or worse than gas powered vehicles. 

This is a topic with a lot of information that support both sides of the argument. It is unknown if electric cars will hurt or help the environment. Writing a research paper would be easy because of the history and new technologies of the electric car. There is plenty of positive information on the electric car but one needs to dig deeper to find the cons. With the vast amount of information and the everlasting argument about the environmental impact of electric cars it makes it an easy research paper topic.
Pendulum Argument

Ensuring the safety of the country is one of the most important tasks. Sacrificing our information to achieve maximum security and safety is a big priority for the government. It makes more sense to increase security in times of crisis and lower the security when it is not needed. This ideology is called the Pendulum Argument. In times of little risk less money is put towards cranking up security. Evidently this system can save the government a lot of money. People’s privacy will be less invaded when the government feels there is not threat to the country.