Dear Santa,

I have felt I have been very good in the past year. I have remained faithful to my loving husband. I moved to Cypress to keep him company. Keeping him happy has always been my priority. Recently our entire marriage has been in jeopardy. This had happened all because of the misplacement of one item. That is why all i want for Christmas is the scarf that Othello gave me. If you could give me this item I will once again remain faithful to my husband for another year.

Dear Desdemona,

You have been a very good girl this year. I will certainly be giving you many lovely presents this christmas. Sadly I will not be able to replace your scarf that Othello gave you. The scarf signifies the love that you and Othello share. I am not allowed to replace or create love between two individuals. The lost scarf will have to been found by you. It is entirely up to you to convince your husband that you have been faithful to him. It is the season of miracles and I am sure your husband will realize you are faithful. You need to convince him before it is too late. Once again thank you for being a good girl this year. I hope you have a very merry Christmas.

Love Santa



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