lit 2

1.“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

This Quote shows the protagonist (Napoleon the pig) feels about himself. He is very stuck up in the way he meets his needs before others. He often enslaves others and uses them to get his work done. He has put forth new plans that increase labour of the animals. When he eats the most food and tells the animals that he needs more food so he can think better and take care of them. This Quote shows how harsh of a leader napoleon is and how he thinks of himself as better.

“The only good human being is a dead one.”

This Quote shows the harshness of the protagonist (Napoleon the pig). It shows how harsh of a leader he is and what he is willing to do to obtain full power. He uses the quote to convince the animals of the farm that humans are the enemy. By using the humans as an enemy he is able to motivate the animals to work towards killing them. 



This license plate applies to Napoleon from animal farm. Most of the Animals on the farm are unable to read and would not be able to understand the license plate. Therefor they would stay in the dark and continue to think that Napoleon is a great leader. Even though the license plate clearly says “Traitor pig”. This plate describes in a short phrase how most of the book the animals are in the dark and how obvious it is that he is a traitor.



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