Are Electric Cars Bad For The Environment?

With the growing need for energy new sources and methods have been explored. The electric car is thought of by many as a cleaner car. When one looks into the topic many red flags seem to pop up. For example the energy that is used to charge the electric car is primarily created by fossil fuels. The large batteries take massive amounts of energy to create and produce large amounts of toxic materials when destroyed. With the technology we have right now electric vehicles are just as bad or worse than gas powered vehicles. 

This is a topic with a lot of information that support both sides of the argument. It is unknown if electric cars will hurt or help the environment. Writing a research paper would be easy because of the history and new technologies of the electric car. There is plenty of positive information on the electric car but one needs to dig deeper to find the cons. With the vast amount of information and the everlasting argument about the environmental impact of electric cars it makes it an easy research paper topic.


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